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50% of patients with chronic disease fail to take their medications as prescribed.

Patients forget up to 80% of the education you give them during a visit.

The consequences 

  • 25% of all hospitalizations are caused by poor medication adherence.

  • $500B cost to the US healthcare system.

  • +275,000 preventable deaths annually.

  • Poor patient satisfaction and outcomes are reflected in healthcare agency/facility ratings and revenue.

Empower your chronic disease patients with AnmiMeds - the innovative app designed to enhance engagement, improve outcomes, and eliminate the most common barriers to medication adherence.

Poor Health Literacy * Forgetfulness * Stress * Side Effects * Cost

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Why Choose anmiMeds?

Patient-Centric Medication Management

Designed by clinicians to support clinicians searching for a better way to help their patients get better at taking their medications as prescribed.

Introduce your patients to a personalized digital medication system ensuring adherence and understanding. 

  • Integrated Educational Alerts

Keep patients engaged and learning with personalized medication alerts that are combined with education about their meds.

 Our platform simplifies medication information, breaking health literacy barriers down to a 5th grade level without complicated medical jargon.

  Reliable and trusted information delivered in simple terms.

  • Gamification Strategies Keep Patients Engaged

Adding positive reinforcement helps patients do "the hard stuff"... remembering to take medications while learning about them.  We make taking your medications as prescribed easy, fun, and rewarding.

  • Seamless Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor patient adherence and learning progress. Act on problem spots before your patient ends up back in the hospital.

  • Efficient Medication Refills

Streamline medication refills, ensuring patients adhere to prescribed regimens for optimized health outcomes.

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction and Patient Outcome Ratings

The AnmiMeds platform is also a patient engagement tool.  

Co-branding keeps your brand in front of your patient and reinforces your education strategies to ensure that your patient remembers your agency when filling out patient satisfaction surveys.  Watch your CMS star ratings improve effortlessly!

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

AnmiMeds helps stretch your resources by providing patient centered education between visits.  It is like having a home health nurse in your patient's home every time he/she needs to take a medication!

About Us

Anne Fredriksson, BSN, MS  CEO/Co-Founder
When I first became a nurse 30+ years ago, I recognized that patients didn't understand their medications because the health literacy level was so complicated.  
As a health executive/administrator I realized the impact of non-adherence on the healthcare system.  
I am passionate about finding a better way.  
Finally, we now have a tech solution that can help patients be successful with taking their medications.
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